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Good stuff, good stuff...


Links in English:


U of C rugby. GO um...yes, we don't have a name. and it shows.


Polearms - speaking of pikes...or was it peaks? In any case, both are pointy.

Ultimate Metal webzine- internet's largest

[there used to be an awesome old interview with Garm of Ulver circa Nattens Madrigal (this dude's my hero! circa Nattens Madrigal), but now the link is dead. I want the world to know though that when Garm was black metal, he created the most devastatingly beautiful work of art Norway has seen in the past five hundred years.] - info on latest Classical music Cds

An archive of texts to Lieder & other Classical Art Songs(search by composer, poet, language, etc)

The Lyric Opera of Chicago

The Art Institute of Chicago


Links in German:

Chemnitz German <-> English dictionary. The best! - a diamond mine of Germanic Studies resources

The Goethe Institute! - the name says it all.


Links in Russian:

NORROEN DYRÐ - Norse lit and culture site done by Slavs

Moskovskiy Komsomolets - used to be my favorite newspaper...

Ulver's 8 hymns to the Wolf in man

Thyrfing- intense viking metal

Viking/Death metal, all asatru band members

 viking metal

Therion - operatic singng to heavy metal music

possibly my favorite group ever.

Medieval metal- with bagpipes and all...


made from the best stuff on earth...and this is not snapple.